These startups will have a chunk of the cake this 2020

Call them the “disruptive kind”. They launched and we can already see that they mean business. They did not launch with your everyday “we are here to change the status quo”, they are already changing it and we are excited. Their ideas, the way they push to lead the market, the way they shoot their umbrellas out to ‘cover our worries’ show you that we have something in our hands. Before we talk too much and forget why we are here, let’s introduce you to these startups:


These ones don’t make a noise as they should but you know this is something we seriously need. They are just six months old, and a product of Stack Dx, raising funding from early-stage VC firm, Microtraction to develop the platform. In July, it raised a $4.5 million round. What are we saying?

54gene is now positioned to build the largest database of genomic and phenotypic consented data of Africans. So, what other way to start a ‘must-watch startups for 2020?’

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There’s one big reason Gokada should be radar-ed. The bike hailing service launched in Lagos in 2018, went on a short break and came back. We all thought: “these ones can’t survive for long, they should not have left.” But it’s only because we saw viable competition. They are still there and now?

The governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu banned two and three-wheeled automobiles in listed parts of the state and it greatly affected the comeback kings. But they weren’t going to mourn their loss for long.

There is a statement on their website, “Gokada has big plans ahead. Transport is just a start,” and so, when they said, “we are pivoting to deliveries while transport gets figured out,” we knew they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The CEO, Fahim Saleh also hinted at a Gokada boat service that will launch anytime this month or ‘real soon’. “One 24-passenger boat just came in, and another is sitting at the port waiting to be cleared from customs,” he said.


These ones came like a nuclear bomb and were in our faces in no time. They offer financial services to Africans. So, if you wanted to shop or transfer money at a relatively low or no rate, Opay does it – and fast too. You can also topup your phones at discounted rates.

On the app, you’ll find Oride, Ocar, Obus…sigh! That’s a lot but we are not tired. I mean, we don’t yet have Ohelicopter at cheap rates.

It was founded in 2018 and we sure know that 2020 will be good.


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Ermm… who doesn’t have the Boomplay app? I am giving you the side-eye. But since this is not a paid post, let me just tell you to have it on your phone. You’ll be missing out on joining a music community, earning points as you use the app, stream music, watch videos, etc, if you don’t have the app.

Who says your default music app does it all? They haven’t being in the market for decades but we already hear a roar and 2020 is that time.


With big guns as clients, we see potential and we are here for it. ARNERGY specialises in offering solar energy solutions for businesses. All the products they offer are plug and play which make it easy to have a smooth ride in a sustainable way of consuming energy.

We want! We want!! We want…okay, let’s get serious. We want better solutions and ARNERGY is here for us.

Meanwhile, did you pronounce the name again? Does it sound familiar ?

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We all know how blockchain is every where in our faces. We even have motivational speakers earning money from talking about it. Well, in the spirit of all that, BuyCoins has an app that makes it easier for you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Users can trade on a peer-to-peer level as well on the app.

The best part? We all know patience is not a Nigerian phenomenon and BuyCoins understands this, so your transactions don’t delay for ten years before they are successful.


We hoped and Farmcrowdy came. In case you didn’t know: the app allows farmers connect with sponsors, who, in turn, ensure farmers’ financial stability all through an entire farming cycle.

It launched in 2016 and the concept of scaling doesn’t elude them. So, 2020 is going to be better!

In 2019, ideas flew around. The ones who had turned their ideas to products stated that 2020 will finish on a productive note. These are the ones we have listed. They didn’t sit back to enjoy the ride, they are riding in the market.

So, we will come back at the end of the year to tell the success stories of these ones.

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