The Two Simple Ways To Unroot Your Android Device In 2018

The Two Simplest Ways To Unroot Your Android Device In 2018

Rooting of Android devices is a common task and you can easily find apps to help you out in the process. However, how about when you want to un-root your device? Read through this article to` understand the easiest way to unroot your Android device.

So you have finally gained access to all the advanced functionalities of your Android device by rooting it. Awesome! But hold a sec, what if you want to go back to it’s former state before un-rooting? Take a deep breath, we got you covered *winks*

So after rooting your device, you decide to go back due to maybe security concerns or you trying to sell your Android device. Whatever reason you want to unroot, it is not as difficult as you think if you follow these simple steps in these article. Like rooting, there are numerous process all based on the type of device in consideration.

The simplest way to unroot your android device is with KingoRoot and SuperSU, and they are free to download.

Using SuperSu to Unroot Your Device.

SuperSu is popular known as the best root management application available on Google play store. There is a big chance you already have SuperSu on your device if it is rooted as the app is used to give access to applications that need root access of your device. SuperSU is the easiest way to unroot your android device as it involves just the click of a button in the app.

Step 1: Locate the app on your android device.

Step 2: Goto the Setting tab and scroll down till you see the “Cleanup” part. Tap the “Full unroot” option.

Step 3: It would then present to you a dialog box to confirm the process.

Simple right? You just need to reboot your device after this procedure.

Using KingoRoot to Unroot Your Device.

The Kingo App has an unrooting feature in it. It offers users a choice to revert back to unroot status by one click, fast and simple. First you need to download the KingoRoot Android (PC version) here.

Step 1: Connect the device to your PC and ensure USB Debugging mode is switched on in your device.

Step 2: If your device is rooted already, you should see two options on your screen that says  “Remove Root” and “Root Again”.

Step 3: I know you’re smart and figured it out already. Now you need to select  “Remove Root”, and wait for Kingo to unroot your android device in the simplest way ever.

Step 4. Once finished, you will get the option “Remove Root Succeed”

Finished! Your device has been unrooted successfully.

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