Tech Tip : How To Fix Laptop’s “Plugged In Not Charging” Problem

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Plugged in, Not Charging is a Windows operating system issue and if you recently having this problem with your laptop then maybe it’s possible your laptop is suffering from lack of charging and giving you the bad running power backup because of some hardware or software issues.

Normally when this error –Plugged in, Not Charging appears on your laptop, it’s also possible you’ve might not able to seen the charging light on your laptop, or maybe changing light is Power ON but the adapter is not charging your laptop at all or maybe showing you the frozen battery status like “0% available (Plugged In, Not Charging)” or maybe with some other froze percentage digits.

There are four main and only reason why this error is occurring with your laptop and those are –

  1. Windows Problem.
  2. Power Adapter (Charger) Problem.
  3. Battery Problem.
  4. Laptop’s Internal Problem.

So, let’s troubleshoot everything :

#Troubleshoot Windows Problem

Mostly you’ve gonna fix your laptop by just doing this first step of this troubleshooting procedure because 95% of this error is commonly caused by due to power adapter drivers corruptions of your laptop’s Windows (OS) and that’s why I made this part more explained from the others so, you can easy perfome and understand it and that will make you to quickly fix your problem.

The corrupted driver called “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” is the main root for this error to occur when every time you’ve starts your laptop computer.

The main work of this windows drivers is to maintain your laptop’s charging services process and sometimes it got corrupted by virus, corrupted registry or a 3rd party software installation but by just removing the driver can fix your problem instantly and the best part is after removing that driver you don’t need to reinstall it back because your windows will automatically do it for you.

So, Let’s Remove the Corrupted Drivers, Just Follow the Steps Given Below –

First, you’ll need to shut down your laptop if it opens and then the put the laptops battery out from it and then start’s your laptop by just only connecting the power adapter cable.

It’s safe to run your laptop without the battery and if your laptop doesn’t start or having a problem without battery then maybe it’s possible your laptop’s power adapter might get faulty.

You can try to use another power adapter if your’s adaptor not working and that will make it clear, it’s an internal or external problem.

After when your laptop’s start completely then you’ll need to open your Windows device manager by typing the “devmgmt.msc” command in the run box.

You can also open it by right clicking on the computer tab in the start menu and after that select “Manage” to open your windows device manger in front of you.

After that expand the Batteries tab and you’ll find your laptop’s “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” drivers.

As you can see below I’ve highlighted two different drivers but you’ve only need to remove the main one “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant…..” but there is chance you’ll have to do this drivers remove thing on this “Microsoft Ac adapter” driver too, if your problem isn’t solve by just removing the single one.

Now select that driver and right on “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” and click uninstall and after that click “OK” to remove that driver completely.

Sometimes this may take a while so, wait for it:

After that shut down your computer again and put the battery back on its place and start your computer to test your laptop.

If problem not solved –

If your problem isn’t solve by the above-given solutions then you can try to open your computer bios by F2, Del key or whatever the key your computer shows on the start screen to get in the bios menu and that will helps you to determine it’s a hardware or a software fault.

  • Open your computer’s bios.
  • Search for battery information.
  • Connect your power adapter and check does your computer charging works properly or not.

If your computer charges perfectly without any problem then it’s your windows faulty and you’ll need to reinstall your windows operating system.

If you find some problem with charging then it’s possible to be a hardware problem, if yes you can proceed to our next step.

#Troubleshoot Hardware Problem

If this problem isn’t solve by the drivers repair or maybe windows reinstallation (Only do windows reinstallation if your charging works perfectly on bios) either then its 100% possibilities that you will find a fault hardware in your laptop, its either be your adapter or maybe battery. So, lest check which one is creating this problem.

Battery Checkup – To identify it’s your laptops battery is the one who’s creating problem then I’ll suggest you to calibrate your laptops battery manually.

If the calibration wont works for either then you can try to run your laptop without battery by just connecting only a power adapter or if your laptop’s run smooth then your adapter is working you’ll need to replace the battery

Power Adapter Checkup – If your battery is working good and all your doubt goes to the power adaptor then there is also a good way to identify your power adapter is working fine or not.

We are using tool name Multimeter to clarify is your adapter is providing the right current voltage to your laptop or it just working un-properly.


You can try to use alternate power adapter which you can also borrow from your friend (make sure it’s the same one) and check does this problem is fix by changing the adapter.

If your laptop’s run smooth then your battery is perfect you’ll need to replace the Power adapter.

Only use other power adapter if it’s compatible with your laptop’s model:

#Last Possibility

At the last if you can’t find anything useful yet or does anything like changing adapter or battery can’t solve your problem then it’s definitely your laptop’s internal motherboard problem because sometimes charging chip got blown up and creating this problem and if that’s the case with you then you’ll defiantly need to repair your laptop motherboard by some professional chip level knowledgeable engineer.


Source: Deskcode

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