Nintendo Gaming Tablet That Runs Windows 10

Earlier this year when the Nintendo switch was launched it had something unique to offer. This was a games console, which could be handheld, and the player also had a choice of how to use it. Nintendo also keeps track of how the switch is used by us. However, as it is usually the case when something unique is introduced into the market and gains in popularity it is immediately cloned and the switch was no exception to this rule.

The initial switch like the tablet has been produced by a Chinese manufacturer identified as VastKing and the device is named as VastKing 800. While it has a large display with the format of detachable controllers it differs from the switch in a number of ways.

According to the reviews provided by Notebook Italia An 8 In. IPS Display Is Used by The VastKing 800 which has a resolution of 19 20 x 1080p and comes with two detachable controllers that can communicate with the tablet by using Wi-Fi. Physical communication method is not provided even when they are attached. The tablet utilizes an Apollo lake Pentium N 4200 processor running at 1.1 GHz and using between 2-6 GB of RAM, has a 2 MP camera along with 32GB of storage.

Connectivity is available via 802.11 NE Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. A G sensor has also been provided along with USB 3 and micro HDMI out along with a 3.5 MM audio jack and USB type C for charging the embedded 3400MAH batteries. The possibility of expanding the storage by including an additional SSD has also been provided.

Notebook Italia got an opportunity to view the gaming device in action during the global sources electronics fair 2017 in Hong Kong.

As the VastKing 800 runs Windows 10 it does not have the facility for playing Nintendo switch games. However, this lack of ability has opened up the possibilities of playing a number of games if it gets access to some of the digital download stores like EA’s Origin service, stream and GOG. The

If this gaming device follows the same course of action as other gaming tablets on the market the manufacturer in all probability is certain to load it up with emulators, which will give access to game ROMs and begin shipping the console as a retro gaming device. The detachable controllers are simply giving a hands up for the designing of the switch but it is certain to prove beneficial for multiplayer gaming.

The VastKing G 800 is a gaming tablet that is portable and comes with a full version of Windows 10. This clearly indicates that you can play almost any games, which are compatible with the operating system. You also have an opportunity to enhance your experience with the controllers, which are implemented on the sides of the console. Nintendo switch was released globally on March 3, 2017, and the device is believed to be one of the best hybrid gaming consoles presently available on the market. As the operating system it utilizes is Windows 10 you have the benefit of enjoying all the features, which are offered by the operating system.

People looking forward to purchasing the VastKing 800 must wait patiently for some more time because neither the price or the release date of the device have been revealed until this moment.

The biggest concerns being raised about the VastKing related to the battery. The Nintendo switch uses a display of 6.2 inches and operates on a battery of 4310 MAH to provide you 3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted use. The VastKing 800 has an 8 in. display and also utilizes the Windows 10 operating system and one wonders whether the battery is sufficient enough to last long between charges because the battery provided with the device is just 3400 MAH.

Reviews are already available that the battery being provided by VastKing is inadequate for the device after taking into consideration that this is a portable gaming tablet, which operates on Windows 10. The connectivity options will also put an additional load on the battery making the device one that will need to be charged quite frequently especially among die hard gaming fans.

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