Microsoft Finally Discard It’s Gun Emoji, After Google, Facebook And Apple

In 2015, Apple was pressured to change it’s gun emoji, which was later changed. Google and Facebook followed Apple in changing the emoji on their respective platforms too and now Microsoft has jumped into the bus.

Microsoft is the latest tech giant to join the elimination of the realistic handgun emoji. Yesterday Google and Facebook also annouced that they would be changing the emoji on their platforms too. The new emoji is — a green, orange and yellow super soaker.

As shown above, it was previously the only major firm to hang on to the pistol design this year.

The tech firm then tweeted out a rendering of the new water gun emoji

Meanwhile this change came in after Google and Facebook announced that they would the changing theirs too. Goggle said the new change should be available to Android users via an update. Facebook also decided to change after it consulted with the Unicode Consortium, the group that establishes standards for emojis. In 2016, Apple was the first to take the step in changing the emoji.


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