Let’s tell you a story – the protagonist is an exquisite…

Story story – for those who grew up with their grandmum or granddad.

These people were all going about their business when messages came in. Someone somewhere thought of a team and started reaching out to them. They all agreed. It was a relatively new job. But as millennials, they all wanted to take up this new challenge.

Come early oo!” The coordinator of the group said…like a typical Yoruba man. But we all know how Lagos works yeah? You plan to spend one hour en route your destination and end up spending five hours. So, some of them got there late. Two of them have a story to tell. They got there almost six hours late – exhausted.

The rest of the team had been checked in. Fed. Basically taken good care of. “Fire pictures” were already flying around. The picture craze wasn’t going to elude them. Besides, the atmosphere is cozy and the scenery is picture-perfect.

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They went in to see a set of fancy chairs, chandeliers, glass tables, smiling people, perfectly combined colours, summing up the inviting aesthetics of a lobby. You simply wish that’s the first thing visitors see when they enter your apartment.

They were then led to a room – the one you choose. Oh! We didn’t mention, the hotel’s design embodied height and space. So you enter a compound with a high rise hotel. Don’t you wish you were up there with a nice view of Lagos?

Back to the room. They were individually escorted into a card-enabled-door room, where everything comes on when you insert the card into the appropriate slot. It’s magical! It takes you away from turning keys and twisting door handles.

For the rooms. There’s the Deluxe room that gives you luxury and comfort. You’ll see a king-size/twin bed, a smart workspace, a living area, and an Italian marble bathroom. Ermmm, you also get an electronic safe. And Wi-Fi! Working 24 hours of the day.

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Are you on your way to the place already? Oh, you don’t know where yet.

Let’s help with details of other rooms. Read here.

These people, who had come to work met with adventure instead.

The Chairman, we will like to call him the founder – because it’s an exquisite entity – met with them, and experienced a night with someone from an older generation that wanted to listen to what millennials had to say. He’s not one to discriminate by demography. Discussions over a roundtable and over dinner took place.

Olufemi Talabi, CEO, Citi Height Lagos

The restaurant is no different from the lobby. The aesthetics! Then the food!!

Ask anything from the menu and before you close and open your eyes, it is before you, crying to be eaten. Let us mention that these people had to post pictures of their food. It looked too good to be overlooked. Lol! Rhymes. If you didn’t want to eat at the restaurant, you could be served in your room. All you had to do was make the call.

Nine people were on this adventure and nine of them met at the gym the morning after they arrived at the place. An instructor was waiting to take them through whatever they wanted.

The pool hosted them later. Maybe we should just mention that the whole place is good for pictures. You really do not need to start looking for picture-friendly spots. You have access to all of these for free only if you lodge.

Let’s leave those nine people for now.

In case you wanted to do a pre-wedding photoshoot, all you had to do was lodge and it’s totally free! Yes, we are excited too. If you wanted to use the place for pictures without lodging, you’re covered. This package is available for any kind of photoshoot.

For couples. Imagine having a pre-wedding dinner at the Penthouse. We imagine it too. It’s going to be grand. You’ll only have to ask and get a romantic setting like you’ve never seen before. Of course, it’s not free. But discounts are usually given.

Now back to the hotel tourists. We can’t say we have done justice to the fun they had at their time there, but we are sure your experience at Citi Height Hotel, Ikeja, will send you asking for more days to stay – or even weeks.

For now, let’s take you through some other pictures:

We also had an interview with the humble sage, who owns the hotel, Mr. Olufemi Talabi:

Oh! Before we forget. Citi Height Hotel, Lagos, listens and will try to understand your story. So, you can be offered discounts for whatever reason. You simply need to explain. But before then, someone, different from the nine musketeers, had an experience she will not forget in a while. Let the tweets do the story-telling:

Started that way and ended like this…

That’s it. The protagonist is Citi Height Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos. Go there now and have an experience you will never forget.

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