7 Reasons iPhone is better than Android

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The iPhone has given Android a tough smartphone competition, even with it been attached to high cost, it is already one of the most sought after brand of smartphones in the market.

The year 2016 has seen plethora of new devices like the iPhone 7 dive into the smartphone market.  Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, One Plus 3, the LG G5 and other phones have deliver a bigger challenge for Apple.

To understand why iPhone is a better choice than Android you have to see how Apple delivers better experience than Android. Below we have 7 Reasons iPhone is better than Android

1)Live Photos

live photos iphone

One of the most amazing feature of the iPhone is called “Live Photos” it captures video and audio during and just before and after your shot. Live Photos is easier to use. Plus, both Facebook and Tumblr support Live Photos, so you can share them with your friends.

2) Simple as ABC


Despite so many promise from android over the years to to streamline their skins, the iPhone is still know to be the easiest smartphone to use. Simplicity has been a core part of Apple products over the years and the iPhone has done well to hold on to this amazing Apple feature.

3)OS Updates When You Want Them

iphone update

This reason is listed most especially due to android failure to find a way to deliver updates across all platforms like the iPhone has done. After just two weeks of availability, 55% of compatible devices were running Apple’s latest mobile OS, iOS 10, which is a great turnout for Apple.

In September of 2016, 18.7% of Android smartphones were running on Android Marshmallow, Google’s last-gen OS. the latest release Android 7.0 Nougat didn’t even make the chart.

This has been a big issue for android phones over the years, and it can be linked to Samsungs, LGs, Sony and other manufacturers would have to go through so many process to make the update available, and sometimes they typically drag their feet on updating older phones, so as to encourage folks to buy new phones instead.

4) Apps Comes First

Apps Comes First iphone

Both iOS and Android have more than 1 million apps in their stores but still iOS is developers first choice to launch their apps, Google Play Store gets the hits but it comes after they debut on iOS first. Let’s take Instagram for example, it took the popular online mobile photo-sharing site a whole two years after it was launched on iOS for it to get to Android.

Another good example is the recently popular photo manipulation app called Prisma, and countless others.

5)World-class Customer Support

apple-tech-support Iphone

Apple is popularly known for their top-class customers service, so when you have an iPhone you would be rest assured about getting quality help, there is a great numbers of articles on apple website that can help you solve any problem you have with your device,you can also get help via live chat, or you can schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar.

Where do you go if you have a problem with your Android phone?

This type of perfect customer relationship that is present at Apple is not available with Google. With Android, you’re on your own (OYO).

6)No Bloatware!


You would rarely find any pre-loaded app on an iPhone unlike Android that contains so many bloatware apps that can be very tricky to uninstall. Many times you cannot uninstall these extra apps, only disable them.

This might not be an immediate concern when you first get an Android phone, but wait until you start exhausting your memory space and you get to notice so many garbage apps you don’t use are taking 40% of your memory space.

In recent times Apple have started including some apps you might not need like the Apple Watch, nevertheless the smartphone manufacturers has much more restraint than other when we talk about trying to force users to use apps by pre-installing them.

With iOS 10 you can at least remove the user data portion and hide Apple apps.

7)Sleek design

sleek ihpone 6

With just a few exceptions of Android phones like Sony, HTC One , Xiaomi Mi Note there isn’t many good-looking Android smartphones out there, most Android phones we see these days are just chunky and plasticky.

Over the years the iPhone has consistently made better design than it’s competitor and this has made it the first choice for some users.


Bonus: iPhone’s fingerprint sensor is King


iPhone 5s was the first device that debuted the fingerprint sensor feature, since after that time many device have incorporated this feature which allows you to use use the Home Button as a fingerprint reader that unlocks your iPhone.

Some Android manufacturers like Samsung have tried to incorporate this feature in it’s devices but none of them are as useful and accurate as the TouchID sensor on the iPhone.

Apple was able to achieve this feat a few years ago when it discover and bought a small startup called Authentec that makes the best fingerprint sensors for mobile devices. No one else has been able to beat TouchID since.


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