How Your Website is Destroying Your Business (and How to Fix it in 3 Steps)

Isaac Ogbodo

Since the coming of Digital Media and its growing importance in marketing and sales, the use of websites as a platform to connect with potential clients and customers has never been this high.

As a result, most businesses, companies and skilled professionals have a website to go along with their social media profiles, so that anyone online can get a clear insight into their services and products without them needing break a sweat.

However, despite its obvious importance, most websites don’t help in doing that.

70% of websites are filled with unnecessary jargon and grammar that make their websites hard to read and reduces the interest of their target customers/clients leading to low conversion rates. When conversion rates are low, meeting business goals and sales become extremely hard and unscalable.

So, what can we do to fix this little problem??


Well, not to worry. I have outlined 3 steps you can use to have a better and easy to read website, which will increase your conversion rates and get you more clients & customers.

1.  Use simple words.

Resist the temptation to sound sophisticated. Only describe your services with simple, easy to read words. Don’t give people a hard time reading your website to see what you offer, they already have a hard time making money and making the decision to spend it.

2.  Make sure your “Services” and “About Us” section are clear.

Go straight to the point. Let people see what you do, or who you are at a glance. People probably have a myriad of options to choose from, so giving them clear information might be what sets you apart from the competition.

3.  Spell out your CTA clearly

Your call to action or CTA is what you want them to do after checking out your site. It could be for them to contact you or to make a purchase but whatever that is, you must ensure that your CTA is clear and concise. Let them know exactly what you want them to do. Make sure it is clearly spelt severally on your website.

Remember, the attention span of the average person is about 3–6 seconds, so always use words and content that will retain them on the website, and give a clear call to action, so they can act accordingly.

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