Planet Earth finally embraces the Geek Tribe, due to digital revolution.

Turn left- Nerds, right- techies, up- Digital Nomads or Hipsters!

Planet Earth has had tough times embracing the geek culture over the last centuries, But today! The Geek culture is finally finding its footsteps in our community due to the increase in needs and importance in helping to digitally revolutionise this fantastic planet of ours.

People of Earth are finally embracing the Geek culture– even in public spaces. Have you recently visited a coffee shop? You can’t enjoy your nice and fresh beverage sip without noticing the nerd or geek sitting close to the window with her laptop sipping her favourite hot coffee- Breaking news! She is probably earning 6 times of your annual income as she sits like a lazy queen in the coffee shop, 18 hours a day.

Today Geeks are not the shy little kids who hide his gadgets so as not to be called names, today, it’s a boast. It has become cool to be a geek, mostly because so many of those little kids who had that insult thrown at them went on to do big, important things—and generate billion-dollar fortunes along the way.

However, as the world continue to seek more technically inclined professionals, Geeks spread across the globe in an “all conquer manner”.

Just like during high school we have bookworms, music nerds, the emos e.t.c there are different “geek settlements” of the Geek culture. Meanwhile, some people tend to be part of a “hybrid settlement”.

You probably have heard about Mr Robot, an American drama–thriller television series. It tells the story of a Young, anti-social computer programmer Elliot works as a cyber security engineer during the day, but at night he is a vigilante hacker. Elliot is played by Rami Malek, who won the Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series due to his part in the TV series Mr Robot.

The digital roadmap currently in use on Planet Earth has opened up a platform for people to embrace the inner geek (Yes that is our tag). TV shows like Mr Robot, Genius (which talks about the life of legendary intellectual geek- Albert Einstein), Doctor Who, Misfits, Big Bang Theory has proven that the world is ready and happy to embrace the Geek Tribe.

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 18: Actor Rami Malek accepts Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for ‘Mr. Robot’ onstage during the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Why Every Geek is not a Hacker or a Programmer.

One big drawback of the technology inclined spirit the creatures of Planet Earth is having is: thinking geeks are mostly hackers. Yes hackers are Geeks but Geeks are not all hackers- hackers are just a “settlement” of the Geek Tribe. And most are of the opinion that coders (anyone who is proficient in coding) are hackers, but to be fair most of these people can be found in offices and all.

Meanwhile, hackers are mostly freelancers they prefer to work alone or in a group of fellow hackers. They breathe codes and are often introverts. They choose a life of coding and vulnerability exploiting because unlike others the computer doesn’t argue and does exactly what you instruct it to do.

Hackers are programmers and Programmers are not hackers.

The Geek Tribe is the new cool!

As the Geek culture continue to gain popularity, a big number of the cool and awesome humans are now trying to embrace the geek lifestyle so as to make them look ‘more cooler’. Many of today’s Geeks are just “self-proclaimed nerds” who don’t have the Geek culture DNA but still wants to look cool and smart.

The structure of the Geek’s Tribe DNA.

1) Understand the value of science and technology.

Just like was mentioned in the intro text. The world is moving fast into the fully digital era, a world that has been boosted by the contribution of science and technology at every corner and field. (Consider just the progress in human life span longevity.)

With all the positive impact of science and technology, the world needs people who are excited and fascinated by it, not just to be agape about it but to be inquisitive and try to understand how it actually works. The world needs nerds and geeks who are interested in the knowledge behind bolts and nuts used to build the amazing suspension bridge and how it works, a group of individuals who inquisitive nature breeds them in building the future.

The Geek DNA is such that makes people ask “what if” “what next” “how?” “what is next?” Fields such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Drones, Smart Farming, Space science has grown exponentially due to this.

2) Honesty and the willingness to learn.

Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing“. The true code of science and the Geek culture is believing in evidence even if it’s not what you initially set out to look for.

The astronomer Johannes Kepler, for an example initially pointed out that the planets move in a circular orbit around the Sun due to proof  obtained from the perfect Pythagorean solids, this which he later threw out of the windows when subsequent data proved that they move in elliptical orbits.

When a theory you first agreed to is proven wrong the Geek culture teaches that it’s a step forward in learning and understanding things better rather than a setback for you.  For a true geek, no theory is too important to be overthrown by the dogged work of sceptics.

3) The true belief in Think! Think! Think!

The true Geek is that who thinks and reason on how to solve problems. The theories in science didn’t just explode in over night, it came as a series of work done by those of the belief in problem-solving, rather than agree that it is unsolvable and a permanent part of the planet.

How the planets move, The solar system, How the body system works? the cause of diseases and cure to them, we’ve put an answer to most of these big questions. All it takes is Think! Think! Think!

4) Substance rather than style.

This is the biggest aspect of the Geek DNA, where the necessities are bought into the fold. If you’ve grown the culture to buy the best of shoes and wear the latest designer, these don’t matter to the Geek culture. The Geek Tribe is more concerned with inventing new ideas and solving complex problems. This might also be pointed out as a weakness of the Geek culture as we are more interested in fantasising on the realm of abstraction rather than compete in the physical aspect of the real world.

We are content to confine our sense of adventure and achievement to a world of the mind. Nevertheless, anyone who decides to see this as a big drawback would miss out on how much the Geek Tribe succeed in that intellectual realm.

Hanging around with geeks, you discover the tribe is not concerned with outside physical appearances, it goes way beyond, that is why we may be socially awkward, but in exchange to fill the heads with the knowledge that can end up changing the world.

5) Different way of Life

Geeks are known over the years to be marginalised due to the ‘weird’ nature of how things are accomplished and done. Geeks think differently, look differently, talk differently and this is mainly why the culture can comfortably come up with ideas new to everyone.

Over the years geeks have broken through different consensus known to everyone. For example, Doctors told their patients ulcers were caused by stress. Those ideas persisted until someone decided not to defer to the consensus.

May the Force be with you!


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