3 Myths and Solutions of Data Recovery After Deletion of Data

It is a common perception that the data recovery is not possible after permanent deletion of data from hard drive. But actually it is not true, nowadays it is really very easy to get your data back after permanently deleting your data from hard drive. On the one hand, this can be good news for data loss victimize users who want their data back whereas on the other hand, it may give you tension because other people who have your hard drive can recover data from that hard drive easily.

Let’s have the look for Some Misconceptions of Deleted data recovery

  • Data Recovery from All the File System is Same

Myth: It is not true because each file system has their own programming to store and delete data from hard drive.  There are various file systems available for which data recovery is not possible and also have those file systems from which data can be easily recovered. For example, NTFS is the most recoverable file system used by users whereas data recovery from HFS and MacOS is very difficult.


Solution: Always use the software which provides data recovery options from different-different file systems. For instance, Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery – Home has ability to automatically detect the file system of storage devices and works accordingly to recover your data from the specific file system.

  • SSD and HDD Deletes Data in the Same Manner

Myth: We all know that SSD is the faster drive than HDD but we should also know that the SSD and HDD both have their different priority when it comes to data deletion. The Modern solid state drive has a built-in efficiency name as TRIM to erase blocks of deleted data which may increase the data overwritten chances after few minutes of data deletion. Whereas HDD may allow the user to recover their data after some time of data deletion.

Solution: When you are going to delete your data then think before executing the deletion process. Because once you have deleted your data from the hard drive then it becomes very difficult to get your data back. And also don’t forget to check before downloading the software to know whether it can support that drive from which you want to recover data.

  • Overwritten files are Still Recoverable

Myth: People have wisdom that data recovery is possible even from overwritten hard drive. They think that FBI, Police have some kind of magic tool which can recover overwritten data but actually it is not true. There is a theory that the new data do not replace the deleted data space but there is no practical example found yet which can prove that data recovery is possible from overwritten hard drive.

Solution: Once you get to know that you have deleted something precious from the hard drive then stop using that hard drive to prevent data overwritten issue. After realising that you have lost something important just download the Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software to recover deleted files from losing your data permanently because of data overwritten issue. Till now there is no software available that claims data recovery is possible from overwritten hard drive.

Final Verdict: Different people have a different perception of deleted data recovery. But if you have deleted something precious from the hard drive then first you should know about your hard drive before going for any solution. If still have any doubt, then comment below to ask or discuss your point of view.



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