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The World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds.

Written by Agboola Sodiq

Dogs are domestic animals, but some can cause serious injuries to victims.

Naturally, some dog breeds exhibit vicious behaviors and can cause great harm to victims compared to others, that is why we believe they are “dangerous”. Certain dogs have had a terrible reputation due to their aggressive nature in dealing with threats, it has also been noted that through domestications and severe training these aggressive canines can be domesticated and controlled especially by dog trainers.

Nevertheless, for “non dog-trainers” like me and you, we need to becareful of these animals and make sure we don’t cross their paths. For those who have little knowledge about dogs, you know the Pitbulls and Rottweilers should be on these list as they are popularly known to cause dog fatalities and injuries.

Therefore, our list of The World’s 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds focuses on the potential ability of a dog to cause serious injury to a victim. It should also be noted that most dogs act according to how they are trained to behave. Thus most dogs incidents can be linked to improper animal training.


Akitas are very bold dogs. They are not much dangerous. They can be easily controlled with little training.

Akita breed of dog


Akitas are large breed of cute and intelligent dogs. Just like most dogs they are not much dangerous unless trained to act like that, they can also be controlled easily if trained well.

The Akitas originated from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. The Akita are very territorial and should never live together with another Akita of the same gender.


Even with the name, Boxer breed of dogs are usually not aggressive, but are intelligent and a little hard to train.


During the World War I, they were used as hunting dogs due to strong jaws and bites they possess. They are also a very good breed of dog to protect your home if you need any extra security. Boxer breed of dog originated from Germany can grow fast as they are always bright and energetic.

Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta or Alangu Mastiff is an extremely aggressive dog that is usually used as fighting dogs in some part of the world.

8) Bully Kutta

Pls, ensure your kids are far away from these dog breed as they are very aggressive in dealing with threats. The muscular stance of the Bully Kutta is tough alone to scare you.  These dogs are predominantly white. However, combinations of other colors are also not uncommon.

Great Danes

The Great Danes are also known as the “Apollo of dogs”.

Great Danes.

They are very unique and gigantic creatures, that would always capture your attention anywhere they go due to their size of around 200 pounds. With their size, they imbibe fear into any upcoming threat or opponent. Nevertheless, these breed of dogs requires tough training processes as they are known to rebel often and require a long walk. If not well trained, you know the rest…

Wolf Hybrid

As we all know that all dogs are from wolves, but many of dogs species are still been crossbred with these wild animals.

Wolf Hybrid.

Due to the nature of these dogs so many states in the US has banned the idea of owning a wolf hybrid as they are responsible to the death of more than 16 deaths in the country till date.

Chow Chows.

Chow Chows.

The Chow Chows Breed of dogs can be extremely aggressive when their owners are attacked, it weighs around 70 lbs.


The Bullmastiff is one breed of dogs that would scare you off your heels due to its size.


They are naturally aggressive and require very constant and tough training to keep them obedient. They can weigh up to 150 pounds at times, they are often used as guard dogs in security companies. There have been reported cases of Bullmastiff killing teenagers in America.

German Shepherd

It is known that the bite of a German Shepherd has the force of over 1,000 newtons and are known to also attack smaller dogs.

German Shepherd.

You must have heard of the German Shepherd breed of dogs, as they are popularly used as police dogs these days.

Even though the German Shepherd can be aggressive, they can also be man’s best friends if trained well. They are also known as an extreme hair shredder.


Everyone has heard about the powress of a Rottweiler.

2) Rottweilers.

Source: pixabay

Everyone has heard about the powress of a Rottweiler and it is why it occupies the second position on this list of “Nigeria’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds.” They are also known as territorial dogs and can help you secure your home with great efficiency, most owners feel they are soft but trust me, an untrained Rottweiler is the worst thing you can wish for in your life.

The breed’s astounding strength makes it all the more dangerous. A Rottweiler has an extremely powerful bite: 1,180–1,460 newtons.


In our list of “Nigeria’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds.”, the Pitbull breed of dogs takes the gold prize.



These breed of dogs have caused lots of deaths across the planet, even some countries and states have decided to ban breeding of Pitbulls except when required license are obtained.

They require extensive and proper training to prevent aggressive outbursts. A study released in 1991 found that 94% of the attacks on children by pit bulls were unprovoked.


How many of these dogs have you encountered in Nigeria? Comment below & Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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