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Tech Tip : Change Fonts On Android (With or Without Root)

Change Fonts Android
Written by Agboola Sodiq
Do you know? you can change your android device’s font style anytime with your rooted android smartphone as well as without rooting your android device. Go through the post to discover the methods.

If you have been using an Android  smartphone since then you definitely will be bored watching the same style of font every time – if you are not tired i am.

The default font for Android is not that bad you know, it is  easier to read things but sometimes we get tired of using the same thing for years. Tho there is the built-in option for changing the font in Android  but there are just few fonts pre-installed, so you will need to download the fonts and then need to install then on your smartphone.

There are two ways to change fonts on your device. The first one is to use the system’s default option to change fonts, that of course, does not require your device to be rooted. The second way is to use a root-only app that does the task for you.

So depending on the root status of your device, choose one of the ways below accordingly.

Change Fonts on Android 2016 (Without Root):

Using Go Launcher : First of all, install

Step 1: First of all, install GO Launcher from Google Play Store or by clicking the the link.

GO Launcher Android Fonts

Step 2 : Secondly, install GO Launcher Fonts from the Play Store or by clicking the link. GO launcher fonts is an Amazing App that provides different fonts.

GO Launcher Fonts Android

Step 3: Now you need to search for your favorite font in Go Launcher Fonts. Search it and download it.


Step 4:  Open the Go Launcher App and from the home screen tap the Menu button at right corner. Now there select “Go Settings”


Step 5:  Select the preferences from the menu then look for the font option.


Step 6: Now you will see the list of fonts then select the font of your choice. You need to click on “Scan font” in order to see your downloaded fonts.


You can manually put the font files to the path /sd card/GOlauncher Ex/fonts. After doing the changes, changes take place immediately without restarting the Phone.

Steps to Change Fonts on Android 2016 (For Rooted Devices):

Step 1. First of all, you need to root your android device.

Android root Fonts

Step 2: Download and install iFont application.

ifont font

Step 3: Open the iFont App, you will get a list of available fonts for your device, select and install any font on your android.

ifont FONT

Step 4:  Now select any one of them and click on Set.

I Font

Step 5:  After clicking on the set, iFont application grants Superuser permission, then click on Allow permission. Now your device starts to reboot and after that font style successfully changes. Enjoy !!

Note: If you have own ‘TTF‘ font file copy it and paste on your Sd card, then click on Custom > Select your own ‘TTF‘ font file from your SD card.

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