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Kickass Torrents Is Back After Being Offline For Weeks

Written by Agboola Sodiq
 As we all know, KickassTorrents went offline for infringement of copyright and money laundering. But Kickass torrents is back again after being offline for about 23 days.

Since the past two weeks, all torrent lovers were sad due to the ban of their favourite torrent websites and Kickass torrents. It was like that we lost our best friend. But fortunately, torrentz came back yesterday. And now, one more good news for the torrent lovers. Kickass torrents is back.

But as all torrent lovers know that the owner of KickassTorrents, Artem Vaulin who was 30 years old Ukrainian was arrested. He was charged with various crimes which involve copyright infringement, money laundering as well as aggravating of conspiracy to commit both crimes.

Artem Vaulin Kickass Torrents

Artem Vaulin

However, after all, those happenings it’s time for celebrations. Because Kickass Torrents had made a huge comeback. All the torrent links are functional. Only magnet Links are working right now.

The search page for the new Kickass Torrent website says “The authorities suspended our original domain, we have now shifted to – Your support keeps us alive”

The New Link of Kickass Torrent is here

Source : AllTechBuzz

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