Top 10 Countries With The World’s Fastest Internet Speeds


The Internet is considered as a very important part of our life.

The Internet is more than just a mere work tool, it is a gateway to knowledge and sharing information, but, the Internet is not equal in many countries regarding the connection speed.

The Akamai Technologies, a company related to the Internet and content sharing, it studied the Internet access speeds of each country and created a ranking of the countries with the faster internet access.

So we present to you the Top 10 countries With The World’s Fastest internet Speeds

#10 Finland

People in Finland use the internet at 17.7 Mbps on an average, which is very fast.

In 2010, the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications provided every Finnish citizen at least a one Mbps internet connection. One Mbps will let you send emails at a snail’s pace, browse the web, and watch low-quality YouTube videos.

#9 Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a rate of 17.8 Mbps and is above many developed countries.

#8 Ireland

Average Mbps: 12.7. Internet speeds have increased 24% over the last year.

#7 Latvia

Average Mbps: 13. Internet speeds have increased 25% over the last year.

#6 The Netherlands

Average Mbps: 14.2. Internet speeds have increased 15% over the last year.

#5 Switzerland

Average Mbps: 14.5. Internet speeds have increased 21% over the last year.

#4 Sweden

Average Mbps: 14.6. Internet speeds have increased 34% over the last year.

#3 Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the first country to achieve Internet access peak speeds above 60 Mbps, but, currently, the value is 19.9 Mbps, putting the country in a brilliant third place.

#2. Norway

Norway Internet access is made with the average speeds of 21.3 Mbps.

#1 South Korea

The access to the fastest Internet connection in the world is in South Korea, with average speeds of 29 Mbps :o, the population has very high-speed internet access.


Source : TechViral

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